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First, we consult. A meet & greet, if you will. We get to know one another and discuss all your project goals in detail.

Next, we collect. It's our job to map out all the existing conditions in order to know what changes will be made. This requires an Assessment Meeting where we thoroughly measure and photograph spaces. We may even bring in a trade or two depending on the scope of work. 


After we know what we want to do, we get to work! This is the phase where design magic happens and things take shape. This is not 'one-size fits all' and we take our time to get the details right for each individual project.

Ideas are explored, drawings are produced, and materials are chosen. We utilize floor plans, elevations, and 3D renders to convey our intentions and support those ideas with the use of imagery, samples, and swatches for final approval.

It's common to go through multiple revisions, both for plans and selections. Think of it like a funnel. We start with big ideas and work until we refine the smallest details.


Last, but not least, we impliment. Everything on paper is brought to life! All necessary administrative tasks are carried out, construction is set in motion, and all details are managed through final competition. 

There are a myriad of project logistics to handle and each Design Proposal specifies the particulars, but at the end of it all the 'Big Reveal' happens and that, of course, is our very favorite moment!

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